Our team at Jim Kennedy Photographers is

committed to giving back to the less

fortunate in cultures all across the world!

After years of traveling the globe and helping the less fortunate, Jim has learned the value in giving back and it's actually an important part of our story here at JKP. That is why Jim and a few of his like minded friends created Love the Locals (www.lovethelocals.net). It's not your average tour company, IT'S AN EXPERIENCE COMPANY. It's main goal is to take people off the grid and really experience another culture while making a difference along the way. For the last couple years Jim has been taking people on adventures like these to some of his favorite locations in the world, South East Asia in particular. Every member of our studio team has been a part of these amazing experiences. A portion of all our studio profits goes directly towards making a difference in the world in small and large ways.

The best thing about Love the Locals is that anybody can join. We have had some of our best friends in the wedding industry to many of our couples join us on these adventures. Love The Locals wants to show people how to approach travel in a different way. So if you or anybody you know is looking for a life changing adventure then please pass the word about Love The Locals. It's an experience that anybody would cherish for the rest of their lives.

Team JKP loves all the ways we have been able to make a difference! It has done so much good for each of us individually to see the lives we have helped change around the world. We proudly partner with several nonprofit organizations to volunteer our time each year in person and make a difference around the world. Please contact us if you'd like to talk more about how we give back or if you're ready to join us on the trip of a lifetime giving back around the world!

Visit www.lovethelocals.net to learn more about these experiences and how to join us.

Please follow our journey's       @ltlexperience      https://www.facebook.com/theLTLexperience/

Myanmar Aid is another great program that a few of the JKP team members have been able to visit and get involved with.

Myanmar is a very poor country and in many of the rural village areas its tough for children to get a good education and have proper health care. This is where Myanmar Aid comes in. They help raise funds to sponsor children’s education and english schooling as well as provide healthcare for the children in Lintha Village. That alone can make such a huge difference in a child's life. 

The history of the Trust goes back to a trip to Myanmar in 1998, which changed Sue & Sahin's lives. Touched by the plight of a boy whose mother could not afford to feed him or send him to school, they decided to pay for his education along with two other children.  Helped by many people, there are now well over 250 children being sponsored. A school was built to teach English. The children are so enthusiastic and keen to learn, that they arrive up to two hours early for classes.

Please visit their website to make a donation.